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Comrad Tamar

Thursday, October 25, 2007

4:08AM - 8 months.

Seeing how Rafi and I always seem to miss out on the actual date of our so called monthly anniversary, i decided to catch up to things before they slip my mind - probably when the day comes around, being the 29th of this month.

To all of my friends who havnt been filled in properly on all the gorey details, heres the deal:

About a year into my work as a bartender/waitress at the bloom bar, Rafi returned from about 6 months in india where he travelled for the sake of spoofing the india uber alles myth, Back than he was playing guitar for this parody-esque band which sucked immensly, and on purpose.

He used to sit at the bar and drink two sips of the cheap merlot id serve before hed go on his shows with the band, being completely differant on stage than he was off - crazy, violent and mean.

one day when i wasnt cooped up at the bar, i was helping out one of the waitresses while his band played, and at some point i just grabbed the mic at some noizy bit and started screaming into it - just because.
After the show Rafi told me about his other band, a punk group called M.E.S.S , we started meeting up at my place, working on stuff together - it went like that for a while until one drunk and chemically ridden night when we hooked up.
for some reason the chemistry in the band and outside of it somehow worked out in harmony, something i never felt while working on a project with a boyfriend - it rolled on to the point that were both working together right now on a movie, an album and a comic..

I moved in with him about 3-4 months ago, and its been awsome since.. i was so afraid, but the man is so fucking laid back that there was nothing to fear to this day.
its love, id say - but for once, and it sounds so fucking cheesy, im content - im relaxed.
it realy took a specific type of person i suppose.

Things i learned from Rafi:

1.never smoke out before 10pm, you should use most of the day for work.

2.if you shun people - theyl respect and fear you, even if you dont realy mean it.

3.no matter how break-in ridden your flat is, no object, no matter how preciouse - can be stolen if you only cover it with a blanket.

4.coffee can be made with adding the milk first, mixing it - and than adding hot water. why should you? just because..

5.Trash Media is mans backlash at god.

6.Men are pigs, so are women - so whats the big deal?

7.Everything is a potential ashtray.

8.'I judge people with the same ruthless standarts i judge myself', therefor expect NOTHING of mankind.

On another issue, im getting inked today at 5, finally getting that 666 tat iv wanted since
EVER - im getting it done by one of my former teachers. Rafis gonna film the whole thing..

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

3:51AM - ok


iv been working on my comic with Rafi for the past few days, so on n off iv been lagging on updating anything..

1. finished planning - i did the whole comic in pencil just to set things up - now its time to play with the inking, which is basically, the reason why i still drag my half-rotting human form around this earth - to play with inking.

2. Donno if i stated this, but my long desired dream finally came true - were playing a Halloween show, its at some Psychobilly/Punk/surf party thats all vintage horror themed.
So today im basically gonna go out with Chen (sublime) and Lior (Mosad) to the million crap for little money party stores by my house to see if we all can snag stuff for halloween. Chen needs shit for the bar, Lior needs shit for the club - and i just need a few good pints of fake blood. Thats right kids, just like any year since i moved back to israel - my costumes will consist of *something* + *a bunch of blood*, this years going like so.

Tuesday the 30th - Psychobilly party - white tank top, black jeans, pour blood all over face, hair and body. well call it tamar by default.

Wedsnday the 31st - Party at bloom bar - probably working at the sublime bar - Doll dress - blood all over face, body and dress. this dress is totally my alter ego.

Thursday the 1st - Party at sublime sound bar - getting the night off - red pinup 50's silk dress, red cape, doc martens, fishnets, blacked out eyes, blood all over - UnSaFE written on my chest (im a big cheeseball) - Little Dead Ridin'hood.

3. I scored this interview (THANK YOU SHAY) at this 'It' record store, working the comic book/magazine section.. it should be a good laid back gig, part time as hell, so ill still have time to draw and for the band.
But of course, one cannot escape the evil powers of Rafi's ex's and theyr friends/sisters abillity to just POP UP anywhere i go - they didnt let me down this time around..

Rafi: cool thing about the gig, should be awsome working with comics again, huh?

Moi: Yeah, im teaming up with this one girl ---

Rafi: ... thats ---'s best friend.

Moi: Woe to the republic.

Gotta go shower.. iv got a long day ahead of me and even a longer night, im working from around 6pm till 7am.. and tomorows Rafis bday...

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

2:07AM - Wow. fuck.

strapless gray stripy top - 30sh.

concert tix - 200sh.

Overpriced bottled water - 20sh.

fighting in a mosh pit to the live sound of March Of The Pigs - priceless.

...actually it almost cost me a rib..

thats gonna hurt in the morning.

Tonight was all in all a very good night.
He even did Hurt. *sniffle*


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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

11:13AM - Mrow.

Last night i had a bonding session with my cat, Luna - whos been flee-ridden for the past two days.. after having another breakdown over hating being poor, i found out that she was scratching herself silly and that shell now need 80S worth of Frontline stuff.. shes been meowing like crazy and applying that shit wasnt easy either.
So last night in order to keep her mind off her mind i had her jog round the house while waving a feather attatched to a string like a retard - just until she started slowin down and getting tired, than i sat by the computer, scratching her gently till she fell asleep.

today she barely meowed - that means the drop-things work.
Shes hella relaxed too..
Still no sign of her brother.

I found out that theres no moving out without any terrible bumps, and even when moving out of a shack with one of the more easy going gals around, there are still seperation issues.
I hate this 'girls will be girls' shit.. it usually means 'girls will be drama bitches and try to assrape you'. at least in my cases.

but still.

today im not allowed to feel like shit, not on Trent Reznor day :P
but still, i feel all gloomy n crap and i hope ill manage to pull up a face in front of all the kids im meeting today - which i havnt seen in years. Itd be unfair to be the asshole.

The plan is as such:

1. Shower, hair, makeup (all three havnt been done in a while).
2. meet with Or - 4pm.
3. meet with Shon - 5:30pm.
4. have lunch with shon & Omer - 6:30pm.
5. Head to show just in time to see the last few songs by UNKLE, 20min before
NIN go on - meaning, enough time fo a beer and smoke before we start pushing twards the front..

I have a fucking cold..

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So i had that photoshoot, which was, except for a few items - quite fun.
The chick lives right over the Levinski market which is crowded with humanoids at all hours - and we were shooting on her front porch, which hangs right over a few stands..
At some point we were both getting bored with the usual poses, so i just started climbing on the pipes that hung over the porch, making ninja poses and shit, which turned out to be the better part of the shoot..

once the markets done, my paycheck will consist of a costomised piece, im thinking a hooded long sleee short dress thing, with lots of pockets, grays n black.. yup.
should set me straight fo the winter..

One of the cats dissapeard, Lunas brother - whom Chen (my roomie) and i adopted. Lunas officialy mine, so i suppose that once i move to Rafi's, theres no question about me taking her in with me.

Shes been rather discontent though - we gotta cut those nails..


muhaha, Shons coming over tomorow afternoon and well have lunch from which well proceed to the concert, meet up with a bunch of people (yay Shai!) and watch the show.

i donno, i suppose i should be more excited. probably will be tomorow...

Monday, September 3, 2007

9:58AM - Basically.

Im not gonna open up a big can of talk-shit whoopass here.

But i quite after my first shift as the juice place due to reasons which i assure you - should stop anyone from buying theyr stuff.

trust me.

i believe it was also a good move lifestyle wise as well.. the job there is from noon till 10:30pm, everyday.. and seeing how im moving in with Rafi to a much cheeper dump than my own - i just dont see the use in devoting myself to a non-stop working lifestyle, specially if it doesnt donate to any skill besides making horrible juice and cheating people out of theyr money.

Did i say cheating? slip..

I cant tell a lie, I have no future in marketing or sales - because i cant fucking tell a lie.. I just lack that brain chemistry, I realise that now more than ever, iv no choice but to suck it up and try to make it at freelance cuzz i cant work for EVIL.

Its like before i got to the comic book store, i found this awsome gig doing tech support at this one company with nice hours and an awsome pay - the lay on the phone didnt say what the company actually does and insisted that we shoud meet - its a company in which one of the managers is a friend and another friend works in doing graphic stuff.. Its a fucking online gambling company, the tech support is basically doing that 'Hey, you seem to be rolling on the winning side of our pretend casino - why dont i hand ya 10$ to play the real rollette?'
I politely rejecte the offer, just to add more to my growing collection of ulcers later on but the general discontent i felt.

Just cant do it. Gonna see if they still need people at the art supply shop by Rais house..

On a lighter note, todays im gonna be spending most of the day modeling for a friend who designs variouse cropped up clothing for the upcoming Tmarket next week methinks.

Take that variouse-skinnier-than-thau-cheerleading-bullies-from-high-school, i model and you suck quarterback cock in college.


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Friday, August 31, 2007

8:20PM - Back on the habit.

I donno why.
I just suppose i should.

Yesterday noon i got fired from my semi-awsome gig over at the comic book shop at the mall, i know - i was working the mall, but i could read whatever i want and the job was mainly effortless.

The explenation i was given to from my former boss was that I was:
1. Not pushing sales enough (immiate suspicion to an incident in which he cought me telling a client 'dont read that, its bull').
2. Lack of knowledge in mainstream comics ('you work the alt stuff wonderfully, but thats not enough).

It seemed fair, and for the first time in my life i didnt go ape shit over getting canned.
So thats that, he fired me, i bought some smoked salmon and went on home - where i made a pact with the devil (a.k.a Satan) in one of the more laid back ways.

Moi: 'So heres the deal, you get me out of this pit, gimmie success, money - and all of those powerfull goodies ya give out for souls, and ill do your evil doing/worship.'

Seemed fair enough.

Two seconds later i got a call from this random guy names Adi, telling me that he got my number from a friend of mine and that he needs a full time worker PRONTO for his japanese pearl-tea biz, 3min walk from my house.

Not exactly what i had in mind as for fame and fortune, but the lord Satan works in misterious ways, i suppose.

thats it for now, will write more tomorow.

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Thursday, November 2, 2006

2:09PM - Livejournal is dead. Long live Myspace.

I dont have neither the time or interest in any of the lj groups i was part of, and since that both nerie and nate are on my myspace shit, we can reach eachother through there.

im gonna start checking my myspace every two days or so, so all is well on that side.

over n out.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

5:25PM - tattlee-tale!

i just got messege from livejournal telling me the last time i posted was three weeks ago - this is probably a scam, but it was in Nathans name.. biatch.. telling on me to lj...

ill update tomoirow when ill have time - in the meantime, Sheila- love the way it all turned out, cant wait to do more.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This is the shittiest - and yet - most awsome time of my life.


Monday, September 25, 2006


so.... how bout me going blonde, eh?

Friday, September 22, 2006

8:31PM - So

I just finished wheeping out my pms hysteria breakdown - coming to terms with my new practical side i pushed myself to do it now before i get to work, seeing how i knew id break down there.

Everyones on theyr family dinners for new years, i saw my mom this morning for 15 min before i headed for my afternoon shift.

over the past three days my sleep has summed up to about 5 hours altogether - and im feeling the toll.. i took up all of the free shifts cuzz i knew that no one would due to the holidays, Dors family left for dinner and im sitting in his empty loft, iv been sitting here for three hours in which i was supposed to catch some sleep but just couldnt, im leaving to work in an hour - probably gonna be there till 8am again, since its a friday and all.

Im excited about moving. but i havnt seen any of my hometowns family or friends in over a month.

I feel like shit.

aaaaaand scene.

7:30PM - not the most flattering - but fuck it. i rule.

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5:53PM - Way to go nate...

So heres what iv been up to over the past month n half...

Iv -

- worked my ass off everyday, for about 10 hours at time.
- for the bloom bar - the rockin alt pub in tel-aviv.
- to which im officially moving next week, my own place with an awsome roomie.
- shes also a cook at the pub so free food for us.
- i managed to work so much i forgot about missing the family new years dinner, which i kinda regret.
- also last sunday was the first time i went on stage during open mic and sang my ass off.
- Sugar High, These Boots are Made for Walking, Bayaar - a lovely song about rape.
- iv considered dumping Dor at any given day of the month, and will probably do so once i move out of his place.
- i know im a user and a wanker - i dont care.
- the new pads gonna be shag village.
- my roomies also a hairstylist - shes gonna give me crazy green n black hair.
- god bless rob zombie.
- over n out.

Friday, September 8, 2006

12:50PM - Sleepytime gorilla museum (sp)

Of natural history.

I just finished Watchman.

imma go pick up my pre-ordered Dying Fetus and Agoraphobic Nosebleed tees.


Wednesday, September 6, 2006

2:44PM - okie

so apperantly the cook at the pub i work at is an aspiring hair stylist who does crazy ass cuts and dye jobs.

we sat together and agreed on this:

Purple, deep purple with bright purple and fuchia highlights and blue-ish black low lights, all in nice random streaks.
Shes also gonna give my hair a much more choppy look so i can wear it up and it wont look bulky.


but yeah its been ages since i did somn neat with my hair - let alone dye it any color thats not black.


my lip rings all healed up.
a triple belly button piercing is now in the works.

Sunday, September 3, 2006

3:33AM - a muchly needed update.

okie, im drunk - so lets pretend im doing this properly.

right now my lifes taking a course for the better - i quite the coffee shop i worked at, the manager was a fascist cunt and the hours sucked.

I moved to the bloom bar. Its an awsome pub with a wondefull warm team, great music and a free show every night, its musical list go through every alternative genre - which sucks at times cuzz god knows how many times you heard 'welcome to the jungle' - but the confort of knowing that a napalm death or a primus song is right around the corner is wonderfull.

Im making new friends by the day - im already pretty tight with the whole staff which are all just as quirky and wonderfull as i imagined the perfect co-workers to be.. also they adore me like crazy - no joke, they keep telling Dor how much they love me.

For the first time im in an enviroment in which im a 100% eccepted fo who i am.

The feeling is wonderfull.

Dor's awsome. we break our relashionship down and talk over everything all the time, we watch eachother and leave nothing to doubt or drama.

Im drawing like crazy.

And as soon as this god foresaken VD wears off ( Id like to use this opertunity to thank Dors ex whos a lying sack of VD infested shit..) were gonna go ack to our awsome sex life.

Dor made me cum from intercourse - i didnt know i had the abillity to - but i did.


Good thing i didnt kill myself at 15, i wouldv missed out on allot of fun : )

Ima go to bed, than ill wake up and write a better update...

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Friday, August 25, 2006

8:58AM - From some pin-up community:

"Theres just something amazing about getting up in the morning and putting on some red lipstick.."

- BARF! -

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Minshar is a fairly new art school that offers plenty of artsy majors.

It also offers a Visual Communications major - which consists of computer graphics, illustration, comic book illustration and art philosophy.




The classes sound amazing, from history of gurilla propoganda to religion in the eyes of art.. to comics illustration workshops and learning how to have an structured creative process..


I want this so bad. Im so scared it wont happen.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

2:26PM - Writing on Dors PC

My friend Yaar died from his wounds last night.

The funerals in two hours - im not going. I found the staff meeting we have just than a perfect oppertunity to avoid taking part in the heart-tearing function that is a jewish funeral.

The bodies wrapped in cloth than literally thrown into a deep grave.

I just dont think i can handle knowing that this manaquin is a kid i used to hang out with at school.

And all of the cliches are right.

He was too young to die.

He barely got to experience anything.

Why so soon - and so forth...

This epathy might be a cause for concern.. but ill do much better off right now with an ulcer than in a constant nervous breakdown - i guess.


Im talking out of my ass.

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